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Pomodone Outdoor
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A unique, modern, unmissable and designer piece of furniture. What's more, is very comfortable!!!
This big pillow is realized in waterproof fabric in 16 very modern colors in an innovative 100% polyester fiber (NEMO) -highly resistant, plain color with outstanding resistance of the colors against UV rayas. Guarantee 3 years.

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Waterproof treatment, vinyl coating which makes it 100% waterproof and stainproof. Filled with homogeneous microspheres in polystyrene of 2 mm. Exclusively Made in Italy.

Equipped with mobile phone/iPod large pocket, closure by twisting, invisible hinge for the filling in, double perimetral sewing which makes it indestructible and 4 comfortable eyelet in steel applied on the borders for both transport and storage.
Can be used as beach chair, as chair or as sunbed forthe highest relax.
Perfect at the pool, in the garden, at the beach, on the boat and even on the snow!
Are you sure that you can do without this fantastic item? Maybe because you have not tried it yet!

Dimensions cm. 175 x 135
Weight kg. 7

Delivery 15/20 working days from the order.

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