MiniJet Shower Hot/Cold water

MiniJet Shower Hot/Cold water
  • MiniJet Shower Hot/Cold water
  • MiniJet Shower Hot/Cold water
  • MiniJet Shower Hot/Cold water

Outdoor shower in STAINLESS STEEL AISI 316L with hot and cold water. 

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Outdoor shower with couplings for hot and cold water in STAINLESS STEEL AISI 316 L.

The solar shower is perfect for those who want to enjoy a shower in the open air! Perfect by the pool or in gardens without pool, but also on a terrace or in a solarium.

Those who have an outdoor space, can install an outdoor solar shower. In addition to this, it must be taken into consideration that, in order to have this type of shower functioning, it is necessary to connect it to the hot/cold water supply.

Therefore, an existing hot water heater can be used through derivation, or a new dedicated hot water heater shall be installed.

It is characterised by a body in STAINLESS STEEL AISI 316 L and by the absence of the tank. The hot water is produced upon request.

Complete with two-ways mixer faucet, hot and cold water. It is also equipped with a comfortable footwasher supplying only cold water.

For a proper use and to avoid dangerous falls, it is recommended to fix the shower to the ground through the base in stainless steel AISI 316 L.

A showerhead of considerable size is available as optional (diameter 150 mm).


Fixed showerhead.
Manual faucet for hot and cold water.
Footwasher faucet.
Sizes: diameter 150 mm x height 2363 mm

Made in Italy, sophisticated design.


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